The Games Behind Esports’ Popularity

esports industry Jun 03, 2019

There is arguably no entertainment medium as globally loved as video games. From the early days of arcade games to consoles, and the virtual games dominating today, video games have always held a special place in the entertainment sector.

The gaming industry is ever-growing and has undergone some remarkable changes since its inception. Arcade games were the first to gain popularity, but Sony’s PlayStation has taken the gaming industry to new heights since the advent of the PlayStation 1. The PlayStation series is now in its 4th installment and alongside other consoles like Xbox, and Nintendo, as well as PC, have helped bring the gaming world the latest trend: Esports.

The team behind NJgames made an infographic indicating that despite its recent surge in market value, Esports has been around since the 80s, but owes it’s recent success to advancements in internet and technology, with improved internet connectivity and online streaming helping the growth of the industry.

The rise of Esports’ popularity has coincided with the release of fan favorite gaming titles which have helped attract even more fans and investors to the gaming sector. The total Esports audience is set to exceed 550 million by 2021, and revenue is also set to triple between now and then.


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