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Skillshot Esports Academy Benefits

Learn from the premier esports solution provider and empower your students to take advantage of a growing industry.

Turnkey Esports Solution for Educators

Start an esports community on your campus in a safe and secure manner. Your one-stop source for information about appropriate games, IT considerations, how tournaments work, coaching, and much more.

Positive Student Outcomes

As a teacher or coach, harness esports as a platform for positive student outcomes and character development, including communication, teamwork, discipline, and sportsmanship.

STEM/STEAM Engagement

From Play to Create -- Increase STEM/STEAM engagement and present esports players with an opportunity to actually design, develop, and market their own computer games as student-centered project-based learning.

Skillshot's Vision: A better world through gaming & esports, delivered in a balanced, sustainable way. What traditional sports aspires to, esports will deliver. 

Skillshot's Approach: Community, Competition, Content, Character, Careers


Regardless of experience level, we help educators and coaches become confident, certified professionals in the esports industry.

Behind the Scenes Tour & Bootcamp

A two-day in-person boot camp. See how leading video-games are created, major esports events are produced & broadcast, and how to harness esports as a platform for positive student outcomes.

Online Classes for Every Learning Level

Taught by the world's most experienced esports industry professionals, this is the best place for a comprehensive esports education for all learning levels. Learn on your own schedule.

Esports Professional Learning Community

Access an online community of subject matter experts and other education professionals implementing esports and game-design on campus. Share esports knowledge, resources, and passion.

"I've had to transition and see the incredible opportunity Skillshot and other companies are providing. An opportunity for jobs in the future. . . there's writing, there's publishing, there's coding, there's art, there's all of it."

Steve Young
NFL Hall of Fame Quarterback



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